Zombie Tsunami Cheats

Hello readers, I’m sorry for the long period of absence but I have been busy studying for exams. If anyone is interested, yes I did pass them.

Zombie Tsunami

So now I have time again to share my new finds on the internet with you guys. Today I found something remarkable. I found cheats for Zombie Tsunami, a game I’ve been really into lately on my iPhone, heck, I almost failed my exams because I was so addicted. I played the game for up to 7 hours a day, but there was one thing that was holding me back and that was the need for in app-purchases. I spent around $50 on the game before I decided that enough was enough and went looking on the internet for cheats. I found them and to spare you guys the effort of having to go through tons of surveys I will share them with you here on my blog.

You can find the Zombie Tsunami Cheats here. I have extensively tested them, and tons of others, and this is the only one that I can confirm is working. It is surprising how many fakes there are out there. I wish people would stop making fake programs and putting them behind content lockers. Luckily for us, Hack Extreme does not have any surveys and is thus the best site to use for any cheats you might want to download. I am really grateful towards the developers and I hope you guys share the sentiment, they spend countless hours of their time towards developing these cheats to ensure that they work 100% perfectly and will not get our accounts banned. I am now very thoroughly advanced at the game, and I can say that it is a lot more fun now than it was before. I am not completely sure how they managed to create these Zombie Tsunami Cheats, but on their website they say that they use some sort of SQL injection to remote access the database and change your user values. Sounds pretty complicated, and I’m glad they did it so that I won’t have to!

Without these Zombie Tsunami cheats I would probably already have gone broke because I would have spent so much money on getting items. But now, with the Zombie Tsunami Cheats I can easily obtain the items without having to pay a cent, it’s quite marvelous. 

So I wish to give the Hack Extreme team a big shoutout for developing these cheats for Zombie Tsunami. You are simply the best, Hack Extreme! If any of the developers of the team reads this post, and you are looking for beta testers (I have read how you use beta testers, and I would love to help the team out) shoot me a message and I will respond promptly.

Well that is enough for today. Oh, and if you don’t know what Zombie Tsunami is, you can check the game out on android and ios by clicking on the respective names. I’ve hyperlinked them. 

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