Zombie Tsunami Cheats

Hello readers, I’m sorry for the long period of absence but I have been busy studying for exams. If anyone is interested, yes I did pass them.

Zombie Tsunami

So now I have time again to share my new finds on the internet with you guys. Today I found something remarkable. I found cheats for Zombie Tsunami, a game I’ve been really into lately on my iPhone, heck, I almost failed my exams because I was so addicted. I played the game for up to 7 hours a day, but there was one thing that was holding me back and that was the need for in app-purchases. I spent around $50 on the game before I decided that enough was enough and went looking on the internet for cheats. I found them and to spare you guys the effort of having to go through tons of surveys I will share them with you here on my blog.

You can find the Zombie Tsunami Cheats here. I have extensively tested them, and tons of others, and this is the only one that I can confirm is working. It is surprising how many fakes there are out there. I wish people would stop making fake programs and putting them behind content lockers. Luckily for us, Hack Extreme does not have any surveys and is thus the best site to use for any cheats you might want to download. I am really grateful towards the developers and I hope you guys share the sentiment, they spend countless hours of their time towards developing these cheats to ensure that they work 100% perfectly and will not get our accounts banned. I am now very thoroughly advanced at the game, and I can say that it is a lot more fun now than it was before. I am not completely sure how they managed to create these Zombie Tsunami Cheats, but on their website they say that they use some sort of SQL injection to remote access the database and change your user values. Sounds pretty complicated, and I’m glad they did it so that I won’t have to!

Without these Zombie Tsunami cheats I would probably already have gone broke because I would have spent so much money on getting items. But now, with the Zombie Tsunami Cheats I can easily obtain the items without having to pay a cent, it’s quite marvelous. 

So I wish to give the Hack Extreme team a big shoutout for developing these cheats for Zombie Tsunami. You are simply the best, Hack Extreme! If any of the developers of the team reads this post, and you are looking for beta testers (I have read how you use beta testers, and I would love to help the team out) shoot me a message and I will respond promptly.

Well that is enough for today. Oh, and if you don’t know what Zombie Tsunami is, you can check the game out on android and ios by clicking on the respective names. I’ve hyperlinked them. 

Drag Racing Hack

Move racing is usually an authentic game that lots of players have become getting fascinated into. These include the kinds of games that will enable players to try and examine their driving a car skills. Players got to encounter their own opponents in the race course wherein they are needed to draw useful movements and strategies in order to win. Hacks, cheats, tricks and tips are now available for download to generate playing Move Racing better plus more exciting.

The hack application features diverse versions, cash and version updates and avid gamers need to be familiar with these in order to facilitate an uncomplicated and even game method. To be capable of utilize Move Racing hack tool, you have to perform the following essential factors:

Downloading RAR
Extracting RAR
Beginning the drag racing hack tool
Connecting the actual OS of your device into your computer making use of USB
Selecting these devices
Clicking the actual Detect Gadget button
Simply clicking the Patch Game press button
Restarting the game and take pleasure in playing.

Downloading Move Racing hack cheats in addition entails many coins, cash plus more. Individuals could also cling towards best application that will help them download the tips. These tips helps a great deal in guaranteeing their achievement. These are usually specially meant to work seeing that effective and reliable funds and point generator. Download the actual needed apps and acquire those cheats which will definitely help you reap unrestricted cash and goodies that it game can give.

Players should go to the most honest page that provides quick and simple download. After download is usually complete, players is now able to play and luxuriate in Drag Sporting android hack tool within a positive and win-win situation at no cost. Cheats and codes have become available to interested players that have the wish to finish the game for the actual win. Drag Racing is becoming more well-known and widespread in order the hack tool and cheats.

Drag Racing Hack Features:

Unrestricted Cash/Money
Unrestricted Respect Details
Unlock just about all Cars and Events
Blends with PC, Mac pc OS, just about all browsers, just about all mobile devices(Android iPhone) and Facebook
Automatic check out new updates
Tested and 100% doing work
Private Proxy help (100% Undetected, 100% Safe)

My day so far

Greetings friends,


I have been really into hearthstone lately and have finally reached rank 5. I know that this is nothing special but I am aiming for legendary, and when I do, I may just participate in tournaments! The managrind team seems really appealing to me and looks like a great team. If you do not know about hearthstone I suggest you check out reddit.com/r/hearthstone to learn more about this awesome game. 

Oh, and if you wish to play a game against me, just use the contact form on my about me page and send me your battle net ID. I WILL CRUSH YOU!!

PSN Code Generator

Hello I’m back with a new update

I have found a working PSN Code Generator. I did not think they existed but apparently they did. I have downloaded it today and already bought all the games I desired so I figured I’d share it with the world. It is really easy to use and to download. Unlike other websites this one does not have their download locked with a survey and is very user friendly. I recommend you to check it out. I have also thought about reselling some of their codes but then I saw that they also have a PayPal money adder so I will not be needing to do that anymore. I have bought a lot of things already and gave some nice presents to my parents, which they were really happy about. I hope this website keeps releasing more of these awesome things, and if they do not I completely understand, I cannot even imagine how much time it takes to create programs like a Clash of Clans hack or a PayPal money Generator. And I know that a lot of people discredit hackers for wasting their time but I see them as a beacon of hope in the new generation, they pursue their passion and are often not greedy, but very benevolent.


This was my new blog post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and enjoy the programs I have linked and I will update you guys with any new programs I find!

Clash of Clans hack found

Hello friends,


I have found a great new program. I have been really into clash of clans lately and was looking for a hack for it since I did not want to buy gems and stuff. Well I have gone through a lot of scams but I have finally found something that is actually working. You can find the working clash of clans hack by clicking on the highlighted text (hyperlinks are fun) and it will bring you there. There are no surveys, all you need to do is share it to a social media platform of your choice.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back with new posts in the future!